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So you want to know who we are?

First theres the team owners Keith and Jennie.

Jennie , shes the real boss. pays the bills, makes sure we have clean uniforms, food to eat ,you know all the things guys forget. 

Keith  drives the #40 car , the dirt super stock / pro stock. He has won lots of races and championships all over the southwest. 

Then theres Joseph Altig. The teams up and comer. joes started at the age of 13. He drove a dwarf car at barona speedway. at the end of the first year joe finished sixth in pionts.So we gave him a promotion and moved him into a prostock. End of the year same as the first, sixth place in pionts. So we gave him a better ride and damn if he didint win his first championship. sense that time joe has driven at most of the tracks in southern california and arizona.He has two track championships and a title in the west coast street stocks.He has driven dwarf cars,super stocks and imca modifieds. I think he likes his super stock the best. 

Even our daughter gets in the action if she not filming the races , shes singing the national anthem at the track.


We have many people that spend alot of there own time and money to help us go racing.

Frank : stands around alot and tells people what he thinks.
Kenny : fabrication , he makes the mess in the shop
Mike:  handyman, works on everything including a broom
Dart : set up,alignment and beer management
Dave : engines , he makes all the power and the noise
A.J.: is one of our rookies, will do what ever needs to be done
David: our other rookie crew member,always a pleasure to have around.
You cant forget the girls, there are usually a few, I think there just around for the boys.



live simply , love generously , care deeply , speak kindly , leave the rest to GOD.

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